Exploring challenges in your life that you need insight and tools to work with. Also relevant information, resources, and important questions to ask yourself. 


 Coaching in hearing one another’s true needs, to arrive together at win-win solutions 


 A set of questions to keep in mind to become aware of and change patterns of distorted thinking, ex generalizing (always, never, everybody, nobody, everything, nothing, “society says” etc.) blaming, exaggerating, filtering out important information. labeling or name calling, etc


  Guidance in learning to relax and turn your focus inward toward your subconscious and superconscious. This can be used to access and shift deep feelings and beliefs and body sensations . You are normally awake and aware through this process, and you can learn to use this process to help yourself. Learning self hypnosis is highly valuable in handling stress and anxiety and achieving goals.  Olympic athletes use this to improve their performance. 


 Similar to hypnosis, but without the deep relaxation process so access to the unconscious is more variable.



I Learning to remember your dreams and process the feelings in them is one of nature’s best ways of guiding us individually along the most fruitful paths in our lives and warning us when we step off those paths.


 Coaching in a variety of methods of physically tuning into and shifting feelings, for example by pressing and tapping on key acupressure points related to anxiety, stress, grief, anger, etc. These are often combined with specific visualizations that help shift the energy, allowing us to re-pattern unhealthy habits into healthy ones. Shifting postures can be another valuable tool.



 Many times we feel stuck from unresolved relationship situations where we never said or heard some things our heart really needed to speak or hear. The therapist or a cushion in a chair can stand in for the missing person, allowing a deep healing conversation to take place.




With or without hypnosis, a feeling or a persistent thought can be traced back to its origin. This lets us see the context in which an emotional impression and belief were formed, which aids in putting them in perspective and releasing them so they no longer dominate your present situation. Some people may experience what feel like past life memories, which can be very beneficial to process.


 Using postures and phrases that help the body express and release pent up fear, grief, anger, etc, leading to a state of peace and openness that facilitates fundamental shifts in emotional outlook.


 - EYE MOVEMENT DESENSITIZATION & REPROCESSING - Visually tracking a moving light back and forth across your field of vision while you remember a disturbing event, scene, image, feeling, etc. This facilitates movement between hemispheres in the brain, which helps you process through the event and the feelings and impressions surrounding it, until you come to a state of peace and ease about it.



 For insight and expression of hidden emotions 



Sandtray version of Hellinger's process for uncovering hidden family dynamics